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Get rid of unsightly impurities like mold and algae on the exterior of your home with our house washing service. Our house washing experts will completely clear away any dirt and grime on your home’s exterior without using any harsh power washing that can damage surfaces. We only use safe cleaning methods that won’t harm you or your family’s health. Contact Eight Flags Pressure Washing today to restore your home’s luster!

  • Low-pressure soft washing technique
  • Cleans and sanitizes exterior surfaces
  • Protects from damage

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If you aren’t totally satisfied with the job of our exterior cleaning professionals, simply reach out to us and we’ll make it right.

white vinyl siding on a home being cleaned with a soft washing service

Vinyl Siding Cleaning by the Pros

When you think about keeping up with maintenance around your home, what often gets neglected is the outside of the house. Many homeowners don’t realize how much mildew and grime can build up on vinyl siding, especially in a humid environment like Florida. Soft washing is great for getting rid of that pesky mildew and black stains that appear during the summer months. Plus, it won’t damage your siding like harsh pressure washing will. Our team will revitalize your siding and help you make a lasting impression with your home with our house soft washing services.

Brick Washing You Can Trust

Looking to transform your home’s brick exterior? Over time, dirt and grime can eat away at the brick of your home. A lot of homeowner’s don’t know that there are very specific tools and practices needed when cleaning brick surfaces. Using the incorrect chemicals or pressure that is too high can actually damage your brick to the point that it will decay at a much faster rate. When you hire our soft washing services, you can be confident that we’ll use the right methods and cleaning agents to safely rejuvenate your brick.


red brick siding on home being cleaned with soft washing services

What to Expect

You won’t believe how clean and new your home’s exterior can look until you experience our premium house washing service!

Honest, Dependable Workers

When we quote you an estimate, we’ll never try to hit you with any hidden costs or fees later. What you see is what you get!

The Best Possible Techniques

We use the best methods and machinery out there, so you get the most out of your house washing service.

A Renewed, Brighter Home Exterior

The exterior of your home will look like it did the day it was installed after our house washing!

Fewer Stains and Buildup

There will be a noticeable difference in the amount of staining and impurities on your home’s exterior.

An Increase in Curb Appeal

Our house washing service is guaranteed to impress not only the neighbors but potential home buyers!

A Longer Lasting Home Exterior

With fewer organisms eating away at your home’s exterior, it’s guaranteed to last longer and work harder.

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